What I learned when flying around the world in a four-seater plane

When you organize a big party to celebrate a grueling 12-week navigation around the world, it’s very important that you go back in time. This is the difficulty faced by Louis Cole and JP Schulze as they prepare for the final journey of a 25,000-mile journey around the world in a four-seater light aircraft.

The couple sat in Hawaii, 2,500 miles off the west coast of America, but there was a party in Kern Valley, California, and they were guests of honor. “We ended up flying all night to get there, otherwise we would have lost ourselves,” said travel vlogger YouTube, whose Fun For Louis channel had about two million subscribers.

“If I do it again, I won’t set a date to arrive again. And leave more time. We can make the same trip and it can take a year for us.” For this reason, the pair set a 90-day goal, jumping into 22 countries in the Cessna 210 (JP, pilot and director, making flights), each route covering about 1,400 nautical miles, for a project called Beyond Borders. Funded through crowdfunding, they plan to turn the trip into a movie.

“JP dreamed of the plan,” Louis said. “It’s more challenging than I imagined, but we are very eager to capture everything we can to make this film. It pushed me out of my comfort zone, with very little sleep and the challenge of flying so much.”

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