Four famous lawyers in history that every lawyer should know

1. Joe Jamail (aka King of Torts)
During his time, Joe Jamail was the richest lawyer in the United States and several people argued with one of the most famous prosecutors to present a case. He even went from a big case with an emergency fee of $ 335 million and was famous for his abrasive and disrespectful style.

Perhaps one of the most famous cases won by Jamail is Pennzoil v. Texaco ended with a jury verdict of $ 10.53 billion, not a typo. Jamail is known to have destroyed his opponents in the courtroom, but he is also engaged in the field of law and the success of his clients, he also remembers his clients’ names and details of their cases years later. It has some strong suggestions for candidates and emerging disputes

Jamail is not just one of the best lawyers in American history, he was a billionaire until his death – and he managed to get it all without the help of legal file management software.

2. Abraham Lincoln (aka Honest Honest)
Among one of the greatest lawyers of all time, Abraham Lincoln can easily be considered one of the most famous lawyers. Lincoln is the sixteenth president of the United States and a great American lawyer famous for having won murder cases as a defense lawyer using an almanac to deny his client’s innocence. And because of his hard work with his clients, Lincoln has finally earned a reputation and a nickname of “Honest Abe”.

In 1857, Duff Armstrong and a man named Norris were accused of killing a man in a drunken clash. Norris was tried and sentenced in another trial while Duff was waiting for his day in court. At this point in Lincoln’s legal career, he has more than 20 years of practice and has handled more than 4,000 civil cases and only a few hundred criminal cases. About a dozen criminal cases are murders and they have lost half. But even if the chance didn’t really benefit him, Lincoln took the Duff Armstrong case as a favor for a friend. At an important point in this case, Lincoln destroyed the testimony of a key witness who claimed to witness the murder because he could see far enough in the moonlight. Lincoln used an almanac to give the impression that the witness could not have seen the murder because there was not enough moonlight at the time of the murder. But while the most famous part of this story is the almanac topic, this alone does not win the case. Lincoln also brought key witnesses: a person who claimed that the weapons used did not belong to the defendant, a doctor who claimed that injuries to the back of the head could be caused by a blow to the front of the head, and eventually gave an enthusiastic speech about how much he appreciated his relationship with the Armstrong family. All this together made Lincoln’s client known and eventually helped him become one of the most famous lawyers in the United States.

3. Clarence Darrow
Clarence Darrow is another well-known lawyer and one of the best trial lawyers in history. He is famous for defending high-class clients in various famous processes in the early 20th century.

One of his most famous defenses is the teenage killer who electrifies Leopold and Loeb. In 1925, Nathan Leopold Jr. (17) and Richard Loeb (18), a teenager from two wealthy Chicago families, were charged with kidnapping and killing 14-year-old Bobby Franks. The Chicago newspapers called the “Court of the Century” case and Americans across the country waited for details of the trial because they wondered how such special children could commit such heinous crimes. There was no doubt about the boy’s guilt because Leopold and Loeb completely confessed their crimes and even told the police where to collect evidence of the crime. Children are directed to the death penalty. But Darrow’s concluding argument aims to emphasize the boys’ age and say that they both have a mental illness. He also believes that it is not right to perform such children mainly because of their mental state. And for 12 hours he worked hard to soften the judge with this conclusive argument – and it worked. Although their crimes are terrible, the two children avoid the death penalty.
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4. Mary Jo White
Mary Jo White is one of the greatest lawyers of all time, known as a fearless and merciless person. And he is best known for overseeing the successful prosecution of John Gotti and the terrorists responsible for the 1983 World Trade Center bombing. In the 1990s he demanded white-collar crime on Wall Street and fined $ 340 million against Daiwa Bank of Japan for illegally covering more than $ 1 billion in commercial losses in the New York branch and other crimes. He served as president of the Securities and Exchange Commission 2013-2017: imagine managing the legal files for this case?

The list of famous lawyers can take longer because these are just a few lawyers who have a big impact on the legal industry, many of them before computers or legal management software are available to them. Their commitment to legal practice, their clients, and their true determination is a perfect example for any lawyer to follow. It is also important to remember that there are many great American lawyers – past and present – who have not entered the history books, who will never be known as the most famous lawyers in America. But there is no reason why ordinary lawyers cannot be good on their own because they give their best work to their clients and law firms.

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