The most beautiful natural state in the world

You would have difficulty finding a country that does not offer natural goods, but some are more gifted than others. Although the natural beauty of a country may seem a difficult thing to classify, the World Economic Forum has taken on the task, classifying 136 countries based on the natural resources they offer for.

So what makes a country more quantifiable? The report takes into account several factors, including the number of natural heritage sites, the known total number of species and protected areas and the digital demand for natural tourism. And, of course, they also examined the attractiveness of natural resources. The natural sites of world heritage are recognized for having “an exceptional universal value”. The digital demand for natural tourism measures how many searches are related to the country and specific keywords, including “beaches”, “animal observation” and “diving”. Finally, a survey on how much they influenced the natural assets of a country in bringing tourists by helping the WEF to finalize the rankings.

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