The best long-distance commercial plane in the world

When you decide which flights to book for you or your traveler, you need to consider a number of criteria. Cost is undoubtedly a factor, as well as a convenient moment. Perhaps this airline is important to you, especially if you have a loyalty program. But will you choose your flight based on the plane you’re using? If you fly away for business, you should consider it.

Even if you’re not interested in aerial spotting, the plane model you are flying on really makes a difference. New planes are starting to run continuously, while old models are being withdrawn, destined for aviation museums or airplane graves, or sometimes converted into hotels. The most modern aircraft designs continue to improve conditions for passengers, increase legroom, reduce engine noise and environmental impact and improve the layout and design of the cabin. So the next time you fly, pay attention to the plane you will be visiting; after all, a comfortable traveler is a more productive traveler.

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