Lawyers are those who have legal qualifications and specialize in the field of law. This is a very large field and includes many people.

There are lawyers, lawyers, legal advisers, legal advisers, paralegals and law teachers at various universities and colleges throughout the country and, indeed, in the world. They are ALL lawyers because they almost all have degrees or degrees in tertiary law. They must have this type of qualification to qualify and are called “lawyers”.

The biggest segment of the legal profession is lawyers.

They practice the law in various ways such as lawyers, notaries or transporters and some do all three. Notary is a specialist in notary work which includes mining contracts and ANC. Transporter specializes in stock office work, including real estate transfer and registration and registration of mortgage bonds. Lawyers specialize in many fields: litigation; commercial work, criminal law, labor law, oil, gas and energy, maritime law, family law and many other categories. Today’s trend is that lawyers specialize in other fields of law; and very few practices in all areas of law as a general practitioner. When they do they are usually in law practice a small man or even a man.

Human rights defenders also practice the legal profession, but generally specialize in litigation in higher courts and lower courts; and in the workspace; which is providing specialist advice on various legal activities including labor law, commercial work and taxation; among others. They are specialists and generally cannot be instructed to act on an issue if they are not notified by a practicing lawyer.

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