5 Most Beautiful Island in the World

The islands evoke dreams of paradise; an escape from the rat race, a perfect sand spot where you can relax under the rustling palms and watch a serene blue sea. But not all islands are the same. The beauty of some is defined more by the sea that surrounds them, which can fascinate connoisseurs with its crystalline clarity and flourishing coral realms. Other islands have lush jungles and velvety peaks. And some enchant travelers with their cultural jewels. Whether it’s sublime beaches, an extraordinary topography or exotic cultures you’re looking for, these islands are far from the daily clamor but close to the comforts of creatures. From the Seychelles to Santorini and from the Caribbean to Capri, you can find your Shangri-la in this list.

1. Maldives
The Maldives are home to some of the most fascinating islands in the world, but it is the sea that really makes these islands shine. Bright aquamarine waters with crystal clear clarity lap these dazzling white shores, which barely peek over the Indian Ocean. Composed of 26 natural atolls, the Maldivian archipelago is the lowest nation on the planet, rising no more than three meters above the sea at its highest point, a measure that shrinks every year. Under the mesmerizing waters, coral reefs thrive, attracting divers and snorkellers from all over the world. Even surfers come here to ride the uncrowded breaks. Back on the land, luxury resorts offer the perfect starting points for adventures focused on the sea, the archipelago’s greatest asset, but also, because the planet’s climate changes represent its greatest threat.

2. Bora Bora, French Polynesia
Shaped like a giant sombrero, this lush volcanic island is the protagonist of countless fantasies in the South Pacific. The focal point and the best resource of this tropical beauty is its enchanting turquoise tecicolor lagoon. Fish, turtles, sharks and rays swim in the clear waters and small islets or motus dot the lagoon. The island, of course, is decidedly French, with an appetizing cuisine to match. Diving and snorkeling are excellent in the surrounding coral reefs and in the paths that wind through the forests surrounded by palm trees. If you can afford it, hide here in a luxurious water bungalow and enjoy your luck while you fall asleep in the gentle sea.

3. The Cook Islands
If you’ve ever dreamed of being a shipwrecked person in the South Pacific, the Cook Islands are for you. Nestled between French Polynesia and Samoa but with strong links to New Zealand, the 15 islands of the archipelago are famous for their enticing aquamarine lagoons, palm-lined beaches and volcanic peaks. The best thing is that the locals are among the friendliest in the South Pacific. Rarotonga is the main tourist center, with its many locations, lush peaks and abundant beaches. Aitutaki boasts the beauty of Bora Bora, without the price. Intertwined hibiscus villages nestle on the hillsides and along its paradisiacal lagoon there are 21 motus or small islets, many of which are not far from the resorts. Dive here in a water bungalow or pit in a rustic beach hut on an isolated island and experience your Robinson Crusoe fantasies.

4. Bali, Indonesia
Immersed in an intoxicating culture, the island of Bali is a feast for the senses. Hindu temples splash incense, rice paddies light up with electric vegetables and food makes the taste buds jump. Surfing, swimming, shopping and sunbathing are the main activities on this exotic island, as is visiting the lush countryside. Immerse yourself in the spiritual part of Bali in Ubud, see Seminyak and Sanur for families, feel the throbbing beat of the Kuta tourist or explore the attractions on the nearby volcanic island of Lombok. The enchanting Bali spirit will invest you like a warm tropical wave.

5. Sardinia, Italy
Blissful white sand beaches, rugged coastal peaks, delicious cuisine, a unique blend of cultures and ancient archaeological treasures: what do you dislike about this impudent Italian island? Most travelers have heard of the fascinating Emerald Coast or the Emerald Coast with its rocky bays and light green sea, but this large and diverse Mediterranean island also claims to be many other attractions. Sardinia is home to the largest canyon in Europe, Gola su Gorropu; prehistoric archaeological sites; the charming Catalan city of Alghero; and the medieval streets of Cagliari, the capital. While you are here, be sure to navigate the scenic coastal roads and enjoy breathtaking views.

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